Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) is the most widely used filler in the plastics, pvc, rubber, paper, paint and ink industry. It is usually obtained by grinding natural White Calcite (CaCo3).
GCC powder is quite inexpensive and has superior whiteness, inertness and incombustibility as well as low oil-absorbency and water adsorption compared with other inorganic powders. Accordingly, GCC powder is used widely in polymer composites to improve the physical properties, and allow various functionalities and improved workability. At the same time, the cost of the polymer composites can be decreased greatly by replacing the volume of expensive resin with cheap GCC filler.
Smaller particles are needed to maximize effect of the filler in a polymer.

Ground Calcium Carbonate is treated with an interfacial agent such as Stearic acid or a stearate and is often used in place of untreated Calcium Carbonate to take advantage of improved lubricity and wetting characteristics. These characteristic typically lead to lower mixing viscosity, improved filler dispersion and better flow properties. The effect of fatty acid derivatives on polypropylene compounds highly filled with Calcium Carbonate is well desirable in PVC products and other industrial applications. The use of fatty acid derivatives can be effective for lowering extrusion pressure leading to throughput increases.

PRODUCTS GRADE:            CGLESF, CGL45, CGL35, CGL25 & CGL20.


  • The density of plastic is increased.
  • The surface quality, hardness and resistance are increased.
  • It improves the electric isolation.
  • It prevents ecological pollution with less use of polimer.
  • The most important advantage is decrease of the cost.

Widely used as filler in papermaking, rubber, pvc, plastic, wire cable, paint coating, ink and daily chemical industries.
Main Functions:

    • In paper-making industry: can improve smoothness of paper.
    • In rubber industry: can improve dispersion, releasing capacity, smoothness, bending capacity, processing capacity and mechanical performance.
    • In plastic industry: can improve flexibility, strength, stability, processing capacity, tensile strength, impact strength and reactive time.
    • In cable industry: can improve insulation because of good compatibility with resin, it can increase filler quantity and cut the production cost. It is used in PVC wire cable.
    • In ink, coating and paint productions: can improve the brightness, dispersion and stability of products.





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